Sommer Walker, CSS

Certified Spirits Specialist

Founder, Redhead Original

I’m Sommer Walker, branding strategist. I’ve spent the last twenty years developing solutions for premium brands in the food & beverage industry.

I specialize in building creative beverage solutions for my list of clients which including Bacardi, California Pizza Kitchen, Applebees, Grey Goose & Women of the Vine & Spirits.

My home is in San Diego County on an organic avocado farm & bulldog rescue center. I have five English bulldogs currently at residence around the farm, where you’ll also find my custom-built home bar.

Sommer Walker at home bar

My home bar has mixed the solutions to some of my clients’ toughest problems.

This is where we sometimes work together with the world’s most talented mixologists to create original cocktails for seasonal menus, address the gaps in a menu, or develop special promotions.

Ashley Ceraolo, senior vice president marketing of California Pizza Kitchen

Ashley Ceraolo

Senior Vice President Marketing

California Pizza Kitchen

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Working with Sommer is a refreshing break from the typical business relationships. She comes to the table prepared with an understanding of your brand, your competitive set and a future peak of what could set you apart. She ‘listens’ when you talk about your brand and knows exactly how to present ideas that support your mission or cause because she cares about the business you two together can help grow. Sommer becomes an extension of your team, a true partner – all by being present. I wouldn’t work with anyone else!

Evan Traub, National Director of Food & Beverage, House of Blues

Evan Traub

National Director of Food & Beverage

House of Blues

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Sommer presents new and innovative approaches to cocktails, delivery and service at each meeting. During innovation sessions at her farm, Sommer showcases ideas for my needs at the same time pushing the envelope. Sommer is always a wonderful host and great business partner.

Deborah Brenner, Founder & President, Women of the Vine and Spirits

Deborah Brenner

Founder & President

Women of the Vine & Spirits

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Working with Sommer as an Advisory Board member of Women of the Vine & Spirits and Bacardi Corporate Partner provided me and my team with extraordinary insight into the alcohol beverage industry and how to create successful and profitable programs. She has emboldened us to challenge ourselves to think differently and hone in our the core messages of our brand. Sommer brings energy and attention to detail into every interaction taking the alliance to new levels, year after year.

Manny Hinojosa, brand ambassador for Tequila Cazadores

Manny Hinojosa

Mixologist & Brand Ambassador

Tequila Cazadores

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From the moment I met Sommer 10 years ago I was incredibly impressed by the way she was doing events like no one else, with amazing ideas, always thinking big, always taking every event to a different level of quality.

Something amazing about Sommer is that every time I work with her she has a new plan to make thing better.

What I Do

  • Brand strategy.
  • Event planning.
  • Product launches.
  • Trade advocacy & education.
  • Craft pitch decks.
  • Identify industry trends.
  • Create drink menus.
  • Partner brands & products.
  • Develop limited time offers.
  • Beverage training.
  • Product & brand photography, styling & conception.
  • Team building for organizations.
  • Create profitable marketing campaigns.
  • Brand alignment.

Video Team building day organized by Redhead Original for Bacardi with Jerome Gastaldi, artist-in-residence at the Yard House.